As Makelsan Chain, we can provide the conveyor chain and sprocket system that our customers need as a complete set.

With this we provide our customers;

  • Full guarantee regarding the operability of the chain sprocket system
  • Cost and time advantage by buying from a single supplier
  • The advantage of easy and quick intervention in the event of a possible error

As Makelsan Chain, we produce high precision made to order chains for the needs of different sectors for all special applications. We launch our products with our brand "MKS Chain". In addition to our products range based on a  sample or technical drawing , we also make new designs and produce as a result of our consultation with our customers.

Thanks to our highly graded refined steel we are responding our customers' different needs with high quality products. We also support with rapid production and service.

In addition to our special chain and gear production, we also have 20 BS / ASA and in bigger sizes standard chain production

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