As Makelsan Chain, we can provide the conveyor chain and sprocket system that our customers need as a complete set.

With this we provide our customers;

  • Full guarantee regarding the operability of the chain sprocket system
  • Cost and time advantage by buying from a single supplier
  • The advantage of easy and quick intervention in the event of a possible error

As Makelsan Chain, we produce high precision made to order chains for the needs of different sectors for all special applications. We launch our products with our brand "MKS Chain". In addition to our products range based on a  sample or technical drawing , we also make new designs and produce as a result of our consultation with our customers.

Thanks to our highly graded refined steel we are responding our customers' different needs with high quality products. We also support with rapid production and service.

In addition to our special chain and gear production, we also have 20 BS / ASA and in bigger sizes standard chain production

Chain Varieties

All kinds of nonstandard, special design required chains that our customers need.

Different forms attachments are used for conveyor purposes or for conveying parts connected to the attachments. It is used in conveyors where two or more chains are connected in parallel. It is produced as narrow type single hole, wide type single hole - two holes, bent form or vertical form. Attachments  are produced at desired intervals.

Roller chains with straight plates  are used in pallet transport, small diameter rollers carry large loads during transport.

These type of chains with outboard roller  are special conveyor chains that reduce the contact load from the rear product to the front product by sliding underneath the products that are transported without pallet at specific and irregular intervals on flat conveyor lines without turning. It is used at long distances to ensure the linearity of the chain and in cases where it can not be made to glide in the middle.

Gall chains are created by sequencing a large number of plates on both sides of the chain pin. Such chains are used in the iron and steel industry, rolling mills, heavy load lifting systems and pipe drawing plants.

Leaf chains are formed by arranging a large number of plates on both sides of the chain pin. Used in forklifts, elevator applications, hand tools, steel processing industry.

Scraper chains are used in iron, steel, coal and mining sectors, grain silos, sand quarries, feed, pasta and flour industries in order to carry long distance by carrying sweeping load. Generally it works by connecting PE1000 material to the scraper attachments of the chain.

These chains are used where noise is not desired in systems with light loads and delicate transport is required.

Sawtooth chains are generally used in the wood industry. The sawtooth form at the top of the chain link carry the transport duty in the iron and steel sector, and in many other sectors, mainly for timber transportation in order to transport the material to be transported without slipping and without damage. The wear resistance of such chains is very high.

Stainless steel chains are used in the food industry and in the sectors where the chain requires regular cleaning. These chains are protected against many chemicals, acids and alkalis.

Zinc: generally used in outdoor applications, zinc protects the chain from oxidation and corrosion.

Nickel: generally used in the food and packaging industry, is intended to form a protective layer against the acid on the chain.

Hollow pin chains are used in lightweight operations and operate on a small conveyor, usually using two parallel chains, without the bush. (in food, packaging, spare parts handling machines) Used by connecting carrier pieces between two parallel chains or by passing steel bars.

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